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Ok, I’ve been working on this one for quite a while, because I always find it difficult to address a topic that can be so full of various opinions and views. So bear in mind that anything I’m writing here is purely personal, I’m not suggesting anything to anyone or giving straight up advice, I’m simply outlining what my dream 2019 would look like if everything went according to plan and how I picture it to be. And like that, hopefully motivate you, or give you some inspiration on how to tackle your 2019 :-)


I’ve never been a great fan of resolutions. Especially New Year’s resolutions. Speaking from my own experience (and that of the people I know) they rarely work out because you’re basically trying to do a full 180 on your usual habits and going from one extreme to another -which usually leaves you off worse than you were before (again: personal experience and / or that of friends). What I’d rather do, is set myself realistic goals that go hand in hand with my dreams and figure out ways to achieve them!

Let’s be real, I’ll never go from hugging my couch to seeing the gym every day. What I can do though is setting myself the goal to, let’s say, get more healthy and lose a few pounds in general and then achieve that by doing only 20-30mins of workout each day. And in that case it’s important to choose something that brings you joy. For me that’s all things Yoga, Pilates and Ballett workouts. There’s no use in doing something that does not bring you at least a small bit of joy, because you’ll end up resenting and hence, not doing it (sorry to my mum and all fellow runners . I’ll never join your ranks). So, let’s get started on those goals, shall we?



As many of you who read my blog already know, there’s no bigger dream for me than to turn my blog into a full-time job and become my own self-made woman. I’ve been in love with fashion ever since I was a young tween and I even go as far as to say it saved me and gave me the love and confidence my surroundings failed to provide back then. I will no longer choose career options to make anyone but myself proud (and maybe my boyfriend, cause he’s being nice and supportive and actually taking me seriously. All the feels guys!). I’m done choosing University courses with the back-thought of falling into my runaway dad’s good graces and what society may think of me. And even if my blog does not take off like a rocket immediately, I’m never leaving the fashion industry out of my sight again - I’m willing to hustle hard for my dream. (On that note: if anyone out there’s looking for a social media content creator / product copywriter or assistant stylist: hit me up! )

Mental health

One of my worst habits is definitely putting myself down. Not believing in myself or thinking nothing good will ever come to me is turning into lots of anger and frustration which in turn costs me way to much energy which could be turned into creating something positive. Last night my boyfriend told me, he sometimes feels that he believes in me more than I do myself and that all that crazy energy I have can be turned into creating something amazing, instead of turning into a 5’4 hulk every time things don’t work exactly the way I want them to (yeah, perfectionism striking again..). There’s way too much rage and fear of rejection built-up and it’s time for it to leave! Also: I’m working on stopping to be too harsh with my body. It’s done a lot for me and even though it’s hard, instead of hating it when I get a rash or my hair falls out, I’m want to find out whats wrong and ways to fix it.


Boost my creativity and start a journal / calendar

Creativity has always been an outlet for me. However I suffer from the typical case of writers / artists block (or at least I like to tell myself that) and tend to not touch my giant boy of colours and canvases for weeks. But because I love writing things down and it automatically declutters my head. Plus, it’s a real life saver when your phone suddenly decides to shut down but HEY: as the old-fashioned genius that you are, you got every appointment, important expense or plan written down on paper! Take that, technology!

Picture via  Pinterest

Picture via Pinterest

Physical health

Regain my fitness!! Like I mentioned before, the gym an moi will never be besties. That’s no excuse to let down your health guard though, you just gotta find something that brings you joy and that you’re willing to pursue after you’ve done it once. In my case those things are Yoga, Pilates and Ballett - never been a fan of anything too rough or forceful (even though my anger issues might profit from a boxing class, haha!). And I promise you, that stuff strengthens the hell out of your core muscles. You know. the ones you don’t really see but are kinda responsible for you walking upright. Yeah. Also, results are pretty much immediate. Not immediately visible, but boy, your back will thank you! To support the whole “move your ass”-initiative, I’ll also try and cut down on the fast-food and red wine. I’ve never drunk much alcohol anyway, but I can just feel my energy levels rising every day I’m sober and stuffing my face with non-deep-fried food, freshly cooked food.


For now, those are pretty much all the goals that’ve come to my mind so far. And again: I’m not suggesting anything to anyone, just outlining my own plans and dreams and how I aim to achieve them. I still really hope that this blog post can serve as a little bit of inspiration to you guys and that you enjoyed reading it!

So long, and talk to you soon,

xoxo, Debbie