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 10 (not random, partly fun) facts about me - INTRO

10 (not random, partly fun) facts about me - INTRO

Since this will be my very first post, on my very new blog, I decided to start things out with a little Intro to who I am: 10 facts about me, some very fun, some less, but definitely none of them random. So let’s begin, let’s strip down and put the facts on the table (unofficial no. 1: loving wordplays. Hehe.)


1. I’m a short gal. Or as some like to say: Tiny. 1,63m (5’347 to be precise). While I’d like to be a little taller sometimes, it really comes in handy when one’s too lazy to be an independent, strong woman who usually can open all her jam jars by herself.

2. I’m bilingual. German and English —> Ireland’s my second home. Currently freshening up my French and I also haven’t lost all of my Italian language skills.

3. I suck at maths. Numbers scare me. Period.

4. As a kid, I was the most uptight and grumpy gnome in human existence. While nowadays I love experimenting with fashion, trends and styles of all sorts, back then I’d rather die than to put a neon coloured shirt on my precious little body. The thought of drawing any attention to me was excruciating.

5. Fashion gives me a real high. Call it insane, but I could easily spend days just browsing the online (and offline) fashion stores of the universe. I’m very consistent in my own taste and style, but I also love spicing things up every now and then.

531789EB-F318-4763-A1D4-255B851A46C5 2.jpg


I love myself some jewelry. Preferably silver with some golden pieces in between.

7. Throughout my teenage years I was knee-deep into a Pirates of the Caribbean phase. I would literally dress like the blonde, female version of Captain Jack Sparrow. Minus the bottle of Rum. My teachers wouldn’t have approved of it.

8. Not only am I an avid lover of fashion, I can also never resist to decorate and furnish flats the moment the opportunity turns up. Some say I’m rather good at making a place look like a home!

9. My favourite drinks are Whiskey Sour (Connemara being the Whiskey of choice) and German “Velvet Red”.

10. Cats rule. I grew up with two of them and to this day I can convince even the most stubborn street cat to become friends with me. If I was an animal though, I’d probably be somewhere between a feisty Persian cat and an overly loyal Border Collie.

11. I suck at maths.

Me, being full of thoughts.

Me, being full of thoughts.

Alas, I hope you enjoyed all those carefully chosen, not-so-secret secrets about moi. The next post is gonna be 100% fashion. Promise! Have a nice night peeps and talk to you soon!