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The Slip dress and the ankle-high cowboy - a love story

The Slip dress and the ankle-high cowboy - a love story

I love a good slip dress. And I love a good cowboy ankle boot. The real cowboy boot’s little brother if you will. You know what I love even more? A combination of the both of them! Especially this year, with autumn being unusually warm, I love skipping tights and just flaunting my terrifyingly pale legs (they just refuse to tan. Always have, always will) to the world, even if summer’s over. Scare them, but make it fashion!


I loved combining the dress (sold out, similar option here and boot with a rather classic piece: the oversized, black wool blazer. After all, if you skip the leg cover, you have to make up for it in another place no? Mine is from Max Mara and very very vintage, but this one here is the same style and may I recommend sizing up for that oversized 80’s feel? To give the look a slight colourful hint, I decided to go for a golden brooch in the form of a face - loving myself some nice, abstract, modern-art like jewelry!


The star of the entire outfit (and by now everyday life) to me though are my Vagabond lovelies. These cowboy ankle boots are not only the comfiest shoes to every have graced your feet, they also look fab and go with virtually EVERYTHING. A dress, trousers, skirt, you name it! They also come in black and white which is basically as cool as it can get in terms of shoes right now.


That’s it from me for today, I hope you too find the slip dress and cowboy (ankle boot) of your dreams.

Talk soon,

xoxo Debbie

The Perfect Winter Coat - Check!

The Perfect Winter Coat - Check!