It me.

It me.

Off the Edit - Debbie

I am Debbie - “off the edit”- and on this blog I’m taking you with me on my everyday life’s journey which is mainly ruled by a (slow-) fashion obsession and a desire to leave the world abetter place. For years I’ve been working on capturing trends (mainly Vintage and sustainable - if possible) and turning them into my personal couture while becoming an expert on the fashion playfield - and working the fashion industry since I was 19 years old has certainly helped speeding up that process.

I find happiness in “toutes les belles choses”, be they of material or intellectual nature and would call myself an aesthete with a style that’s best described as something between urban elegance and minimal glam (I might’ve just invented those categories).

Off the Edit - The blog

Debbie’s website is made to inspire and create. Get minds to dream and ideas to spark and people to think. Creatively written articles and high quality photographs build the basis for this blog to be THE perfect platform in all fashion matters. However, Debbie never fails to include the newest trends of the lifestyle, as well as the fashion world. Presenting brands and trends while staying true to her own, unique style is her trademark.